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Psychedelic Integration

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Creating Community Psychedelic Integration Circles

An Online Course

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create integration circle

Creating Community Psychedelic Integration Circles


Sacred Ayahuasca Art of the Shipibo with Kent Osborn

plant medicine

Thank You Plant Medicine – Living in Gratitude

meditative preparation

Meditative Preparation for Psychedelic Journeys

Recorded Courses

Core Competencies of a Psychedelic Integration Coach

coaching intensive

The Ground of Coaching: The Nuts and Bolts of Practice


Chocolate Apothecary: Make Your Own Medicine

elements of ceremony

The 4 Elements of Ceremony: Psychedelic Rituals for Healing and Integration

meditative preparation

Meditative Preparation for Psychedelic Journeys


Ethical Compassionate Care & Working with Altered States

mushroom cultivation

Mushroom Cultivation and Microdosing

create integration circle

Creating Community Psychedelic Integration Circles


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  • How to be mitigate of problems that might arise

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