Danielle's Four Directions Mushroom Prayer

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    Calling in the four directions sacred mushroom spirit
    Opening circle by Danielle Negrin

    Thank you for today’s sunrise
    For the breath and life within us, and for all of your creations. Hear my prayer. As the day begins with the rising sun, I ask the sacred mushroom spirit to be with us. Here we call in the four directions. Done as a form of protection, to add more power to the magic we are practicing, as a way to feel connected to nature during our meditation. Calling in the four elements, and how each element relates to psilocybin mushrooms, the effects, cultivation process and journey space.
    Sacred mushroom of the east, Where Father Sun rises in the air- Guide my step and walk the circle of life with mental clarity, thought, open mindedness and learning
    Fire keeper of the south, where the warm air comes to us, be with me. Bring healing to all in need. Bring into balance the physical, mental and spiritual, ignite passion, transformation and strength, so I am able to know my place on this earth.
    Sacred mushroom keeper of the west, water be with me. As each day passes, help me to listen to emotions, fluidity, intuition and love for myself and others, for the plants and fungi and all of mother earth’s creations. Help me to grow and nurture myself worth in all ways
    Sacred mushroom of the north, earth element, where the cold winds come from, be with me. Help me to walk my path with courage, grounding, patience and growth
    Let us remember the ancient tradition of ceremony and ritual. The plant and fungi kingdom offers unspoken wisdom to open hearts. Take time to slow down and feel the oneness. Wisdom lives in the stillness.
    Heal my body, heal my mind, bring light, joy and awareness to my spirit.

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