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Mushroom Cultivation and Microdosing Intensive

With Seth Warner

Special Guests James Fadiman and Adam Bramlage

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mushroom cultivation
The movement towards the decriminalization of psilocybin is gathering momentum across the nation and globe. This means that home-scale hobby cultivation is becoming accessible to the masses in a whole new way.

Join Mycorising in a deep dive on the absolute simplest method of growing psilocybin-containing mushrooms at home. This lesson will be followed up with an in-depth review of the science and history of psilocybin microdosing, as well as how to prepare some from your very own fresh harvest. This class is for those looking to put in work to cultivate a relationship with sacred mushrooms.

seth warner

Seth Warner began teaching about fungi in 2016 as a lab facilitator with Bay Area Applied Mycology at Counter Culture Labs in Oakland. He later founded the Mycelial Mass Mushroom Meetup and later helped to reboot the SF Psychedelic Society in 2017 which lead to helping with the Decriminalize Nature Oakland initiative in 2019. Seth initially made the switch from gourmet and medicinal fungal education to psychoactive fungi after countless requests to do so from the community. These asks were often padded with profound stories of personal achievement, growth, and change. In this process his conservative feelings and fears were overwhelmed by an increasing sense of moral obligation and today he finds immense meaning in demystifying Relationships with Sacred Mushrooms.