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elements of ceremonyShamanic philosophies from every corner of our planet teach us of our inherent connection to nature. The four elements of earth, wind, fire and water are not only the building blocks of life but have also been used by our ancestors to interpret the overall health of the interconnected mind/body/spirit complex. In this immersive workshop Jessica Grotfeldt of (Luz Eterna Retreats, and the Synthesis Institute) will teach you how to identify which elements need to be balanced within you and how to create a deeply meaningful framework for personal healing, psychedelic work and post journey integration. Join Jessica as she teaches you how to awaken the healer within as she guides you through a day long journey of guided meditation, and earth based rituals that will leave you feeling balanced, refreshed and empowered.

-Create a personalized 4 element altar
-Learn how to use the elements to frame your intentions and integration work
-Dive deeply into 4 guided rituals in honor of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water
-Learn how to work with psychedelic medicine in a sacred context
-Learn how to use the 4 elements to focus your intention for psychedelic journeys
-Learn how you can use your altar as an effective post journey integration tool

What you will need:
-7 tealight candles (preferably in small glass container for safety)
-1 long white, taper candle (with plate underneath to catch the wax)
-lighter or matches
-paper and pen
-medium sized bowl of water and towel
-1 glass & small pitcher or container filled with water
-1 seed (can be from fruit around the house or a seed from a garden store)
**if you like you can also have ready crystals, sacred incense like sage/palo santo, shells or other items that are representative of the 4 elements)

What to Wear:
-Loose, fitting clothes

How to prepare your space:
**Best if you can find a quiet, space where you will be free of distractions and disruptions
-pillow to sit on
-back support