Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration Membership

Membership Onboarding

Some tips to help you get started 

Pre-existing Account Holders

First things first, if you already have an account on this site, all of the content that comes with the membership will be added when you join. It can all be found in your account portal. The account link in on the top right of the website, but here is a button as well:

Video Instructions On Logging In

This Should make things clear!

New Account Holders

If you’re new, look for a sequence of emails in your inbox. You might have to check in your spam, or promotional, or updates folder, depending on how you have your email configured.

A good way to make sure these emails always end up in your primary box is to whitelist “”.¬† You can also respond to some emails, that tends to help as well. The sequence of emails look like this:


Keep a special eye out for the email that says” Your Tam Integration Community Account has been created!”

This is the email that will have your username and password in it. It can sometimes take an extra 5-10 minutes before it shows up. The content will look like this:

Cancelling or Modifying Your Subscription

You can cancel at any time. There is a button labeled ‘Manage Subscription’ on the right side of the account page. There is a button to this page below as well. You can cancel or change payment methods here.