Thursdays at the Psilocybin Summit

Three Years of Content,
Always Free

thursadys at the summit

Thursdays at the Summit are always free

Currently planning our third year, the Psilocybin Summit celebrates the myth, Magic, Science, and Culture of the Sacred Mushroom.

Enjoy fifteen hours of mind expanding content, on us.
Fifteen hours focused on mushrooms, and how they can support healing and balance in all areas of our life and our world.

Our experts invite you into a mind-expanding adventure into the realms of psychedelic awareness

Participants will learn about:

→ Best practices, safe use, and managing worst-case scenarios
→ Policy, reclassification for medical use, and decriminalization efforts
→ Leading-edge research on psilocybin and depression
→ Cultivation
→ Facilitating powerful experiences
→ Creating ceremony
→ Traditional culture, ritual, and practice of the Mazatec