Learn How to Work with Psilocybin to Create Powerful Shifts in your Life that Embrace Your Deeper Values and Visions, while Unlocking your Highest Potential.

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32 Speakers
27 Presentations


76 Speakers
40 Presentations


52 Speakers
41 Presentations

 The Psilocybin Summit Total Package is a a powerful collection of the most brilliant minds of the psychedelic renaissance. Their teachings and research will align you with this sacred medicine so you can heal, grow, and transform. 

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Over 100 Hours of Mindful Presentations and Intimate Conversations with Psychedelics Leaders such as:

Paul Stamets

Bett Williams

Mike Crowley

Ido Cohen

Ayana Iyi

Rosalia Acosta

Ismail Ali

Dennis McKenna

Kyle Buller

Jerry Brown

Bob Stanley

Abdul Wilkins

Madison Margolin

Richard Doyle

Sophie Strand

Shane Mauss

Julian Vayne

Danielle Negrin

Joe Moore

David Luke

Darren Le Barron

And So Many More!

Now Only $27 (Usually $450)

Meet Your Host

As a psychedelic integration coach, Daniel helps people with emerging spiritual visions find ways to weave their new-found truths into their live in a way that is sustainable, harmonious, compassionate and wise. He has served people from all walks of life and is grateful to have been able to work with a diverse clientele of professionals and creatives. He offers them using practical, effective, and time tested tools to create a life for themselves that is aligned with their deeper values and manifests for them measurable results that matter.

Using his 20+ years of experience as a meditation teacher, yoga school director, and mindfulness coach, Daniel is able to convey profound spiritual teachers and practical action plans to safely and surely move his clients into places that they never imagined possible.

Daniel has consulted with numerous organizations and businesses, in both the psychedelic and wellness spaces, highly motivated by his own experiences to help usher in a new era of consciousness on the planet. He also enjoys producing events, trainings, and conferences.

He is the program director of Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration, which offers integration education, training, and support worldwide. He lives in a tiny town surrounded by chantrelles with his wife and two young children.

daniel shankin

Now Only $27 (Usually $450)

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