Sacred Ayahuasca Art of the Shipibo

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Learn about Shipibo Cosmology Through Their Art

Explore a variety of kené

Shipibo Artisans will share their, showcasing artistic representations of healing plant spirits

Learn about healing plants

The artists use a variety of other sacred plants besides ayahuasca to aid them in their artistic vision and creation

The wisdom of the plants

Learn how the artists of the Amazon channel the wisdom to download the sacred patterns.

Sacred Reciprocity

Discuss ways to live in contribution and reciprocity with the indigenous tribes whose wisdom is so valuable to us in these times.

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About Kent Osborn

Kent Osborn will discuss the symbology of Shipibo tribe Kené patterns which are informed by traditional amazonian Ayahuasca ceremonies.

He will also highlight how these fascinating designs are connected with master plants, animal spirits, different types of shaman and their ceremonial tools.

He will also share about his history and journey of co creating his business Shinan, and the non profit Juinti Koshi which does projects to help Shipibo communities outside Pucallpa peru



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