The Psilocybin Master Class Bundle

Learn How to embrace the sacred mushroom to create new possibilities for  transformation, healing and growth. Enjoy a dozen hours of talks from luminaries and professionals that covers science, healing, and traditional ceremony.

Everything you wanted to know about psilocybin but were afraid to ask!

The Psilocybin Master Class Features the Following Teachers

Paul Stamets

Dennis McKenna

Manesh Girn

Ben Malcolm

Mazin Jamal

Mikaela Valentino

Marg Ross

Chris Kilham

Beth Weinstein

Inti Garcia

Sam Gandy

Kile Ortigo

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James Fadiman
Chris Bache
Julian Vayne
Rak Razam
Nikki Wyrd
Eric Seinknecht
Simon Yugler
Kufikiri Imara
Kendra Valentine

Rick Strassman
Tricia Eastman
Veronika Gold
Joel Brierre
Zena Carlotta
Danielle Negrin
Shiri Malcolm Godasi
Mireya Alejo Marcet
Tobey Tobey

Kevon Simpson
Susana Bustos
Tom Hatsis
Beth Weinstein
Daniel Shankin
Graciella Asher
Julia Mirer
Meg Thibodeaux
Elizabeth J.O.

And More….