Chocolate Apothecary: Make Your Own Medicines




An exploratory workshop where we learn how cacao can be used as sacred medicine carrier. We’ll explore various techniques, recipes and Know-hows for making a wide variety of powerful tools. During this 5 hours workshop you will learn:

1) How to use Cacao as Medicine Carrier.

2) A DIY home made: “Ceremonial Grade Chocolate” recipe and tips.

3) Guidelines to source quality Cacao.

4) Herbal enhancers to enrich your Cacao Elixir: infusions, concoctions and broths.

5) The 101 of Herbal Toppings: tinctures, hydrosols, thickeners, sweeteners, fats.

6) Recipes brainstorming and examples of some of them

7) The ¨Rocket science¨ behind The Holy Trinity: Cacao + Chile + Mushrooms.

8) Simple guidelines to Intuitive Microdosing

9) Harm reduction, Set and Setting and Cacao tolerance Tips.

10) Mushroom Mummification: psilocybin preservation techniques with Cacao and Honey. + Talking Circle and Q&A


Esteban Yepes is a Certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition


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